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The Cognoscenti Academy

Credential Enterprise Leaders at their Best
Dear Credentialing Leaders and Association Executives,

You’re different.  We get it.  We love it. And, we believe in you. Our very soul is devoted to industry-shaping, mold-breaking leaders like you.  That’s how we know that your sector is changing with unpredictable, rapid pace.  We know that you’ve had to put some dreams on the backburner just in order to stay the course.  Innovation sometimes has to chill while fires get put out.  You’re not alone.

We remember what it was like in the beginning.  You were all figuring things out together, responding to your industries’ needs, championing your trade, elevating your profession, and your members above all else. From application to testing to certification and on to recertification, you wanted to build customer loyalty.  On the association side you wanted much the same – to make your members lives better.

So, what’s different about now?  Why isn’t the old playbook working anymore? Why are your revenue projections stagnant or declining?  The challenges you face are bigger, harder and come faster.  We’ve been on this ride from the start and we know that you can’t look behind you for the solutions you seek.  The answers you need aren’t in the past.  They’re in people.


The Power of People

Your customers and members are in trouble.  Even in the age of Google, they still need you. In fact, they need you more now than ever. So, as tour-guides on journey with you, we knew we needed to rethink the way we work with and for you.   If we’ve learned one thing from watching you over the years, it’s that strong leaders go where best practices and new research takes them.  So, we’ve built a new route to the solutions you’re seeking to the challenges you face.  We decided we needed harness the power of people and bring more minds along this journey. We know together, we’re stronger.  We decided to assemble a community that wants to get real and is willing to do what it takes to get there.

Who are we to know and say this?  Well, my co-collaborator Shelly Alcorn, CAE and I have been in confidential contracts with you and more than 600 certification and accreditation enterprises. Some of these enterprises were the brainchild or offspring of an association. Others were independent credential commissions from the start.  We also serve the association community from which the heartbeats of individuals in industries and professions all across the country emanate. We are your trusted advisors and we know deep truths and data from within your organizations. In order to build your business, you gave us total access to all of your customers, members and prospects.

Join Us On The Journey.

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