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The Cognoscenti Academy

Credential Enterprise Leaders at their Best
Announcing the Cognoscenti Academy for Credentialing Leaders and Association Executives

A special series of 9-month consulting tracks designed to help you and your organization push the boundaries and leverage your success, so far.

What’s Challenging You Now?

Why isn’t the old playbook working anymore? What is the core issue causing your revenue projections to stagnant or decline?  The challenges you face are bigger, harder, and are coming faster than ever.

And What do You Need Now?

You need a new route to the “next practices” you’re seeking for the challenges you face. Strong leaders go where best practices and new research takes them. You must harness the power of people and bring more minds along on this journey.

You Also Need:

You need creative, innovative, and workable solutions that can take you into the future of your industry.

You need to be inspired, discover your passion, take risks, learn how to accelerate your growth, and expand your ability to take your organization to the next level.

What this Program is About

We know that together, we’re stronger. So we’re assembling a community that matches up on issues, leadership style, wants to get real and is willing to do what it takes to get there.

We’ve been on this ride from the start and we know that you can’t look behind you for the solutions you seek.  The answers you need aren’t in the past. They’re in the people selected to join you in a cohort of 12 for 9 months.

Take Action to Find Out More

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