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Expertise Enterprise

A Signature Service of The Communicators and InspirEd

Why This, Why Now?

Expertise Enterprise collaboration is a natural and inevitable new development from the intersection of the InspirEd Education Enterprise and The Communicator’s Certification Enterprise approaches resulting in a relevant, sustainable, revenue generating competency building business for our clients — advancing the industries they represent.

Our Story

Two experienced consulting practices, sharing clients, sharing networks, hearing the same issues from “two sides of the house” saw connections and inevitable changes that demanded a new business model and new consulting approach to transform associations, member companies, certification agencies and training providers into an Expertise Enterprise, for the industry or profession they all claimed to champion. We represent the one rope / the DNA / entwining what’s required to build a sustainable Expertise Enterprise: Learning, Doing, Proving, Transforming.

Our Clients’ Stories

Here’s what our clients are talking about. They tell us their organizations are noticing falling registration, fewer membership renewals, and lackluster response to their credentialing programs. Credentialing programs are growing faster than associations, but unevenly. Some certifications take off and experience growth beyond their founding organization while other certifications fizzle and fail to attract candidates and employers. They’ve invested a lot in these programs and services – they feel frustrated reacting to this financial feedback not knowing what’s required to stem the hemorrhaging and regain their market position.


They talk a lot about value and what creates value has shifted!

Offering professionals a stack of paper with airplane potential is not enough. They look to us to help them lead the way to mastery. Truth is powerful and will override excuses and denial every time. Here are the truths they are coming to grips with:

  • Learning is not an event, it is continuous. Conferences, webinars, etc. are events and not “there” for your prospect learners 24/7.
  • Competencies are the new currency. Career paths are becoming obsolete as careers and paths are disrupted workforce trends. Plus, technology redefines what many jobs now are.
  • Credential portfolios will supersede university diplomas as the gold standard because they are a measure of competency and performance.
  • A haphazard approach will lead to failure. Organizations must be strategic and intentional to win at this.

Our client organization’s customers, members/target learners will continue to learn, network, and acquire credentials they need to navigate new workforce realities. The only question is will they see our client as the leader or will they go to someone else as preferred and most trusted training provider?

What We Do

We change the conversation. Based upon workforce disruptions, increasing competition in continuing education, and modern learner preferences, old modes are quickly growing obsolete.

We are strategic, intentional, proactive, and future forward. We are not the “sage on the stage’ instead we are the “guides on the side.” We come alongside organizations to:

  • Assess and diagnose. Is this a disease or a condition? Is this organization committed and do the have the capacity to innovate – not just say the words? Are there sacred cows here that need tipping? How do they describe what is really wrong or the root of all the symptoms that are creating “noise” in the staff meetings and board conversations? What is their level of motivation to do what it takes to compete? Most of all, do they understand they are a business and how much profit they keep or give away is not a business model but an arrangement with the IRS?
  • Design a journey. Based upon our assessment we design a pathway (strategy and implementation plan) for achieving our shared objectives.
  • Guide. We are super-mentors coaching, guiding, assisting the organization over and around obstacles to stay on course. We coach through the implementation process and ensure the team is equipped to sustain the momentum we have created together.
  • Form and co-direct implementation teams for projects stemming from the master plan, such as a learning design project team or staff training team or leadership ghostwriting team.

Results Our Clients Want

  • Industry Impact: Competency based programs result in transformation. Our clients can measure the change they are making upon the industries they represent. And they can parlay that value into partnerships, sponsorships, and industry position.
  • Sustainable revenue streams: Education and credentials that are differentiated and the preferred choice for target markets.
  • Membership: Our approach elevates the authority of the organization within their industry and cultivates deeper long-term relationships with target audiences (through learning pathways, certification/recertification).
  • Expert engagement: Train and engage experts to become powerful learning facilitators and question writers.


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