We Are Gifted Adults Much Longer Than Our Childhood.

We Are Professionals. We are Communicators.

Are You Ready to Leave Your Mark?

What Do Gifted Professionals and Communicators Want?

We Make Someone Else’s Life Better in a Way

That Rewards Us Both on Multiple Levels

We Were Labeled Gifted in Childhood.

Now, We Are Adults. Professionals. Communicators.

Yet, We Still Feel Alone.

What if That’s Not True?

We Formed GPC Community to Answer Questions Like These.

Navigating your career path and networks to support all parts of living can be exhausting and other gifted professionals and communicators are hard to find.

That’s where the Gifted Professionals and Communicators Community comes in.

This is a free, admission-pass community that provides gifted, neurodivergent professionals a safe place to connect, further build their stories, learn and grow with others who “get” them.

People join because they know so few people understand what it’s like to be born gifted and then struggle with developing understandings, finding meanings and suffering from productivity issues as they explore one professional path and then another and another.

Founded by Georgia Patrick and Sia Papageorgiou then enhanced by Shelly Alcorn, Gifted Professionals and Communicators is a members-only community guided by founders and inspired by individual listening sessions we have conducted for the past five years with a cohort of 150 trusted gifted professionals and communicators in our network to say, “Who wants this and why don’t we have it already?”

We are not therapists or coaches. We are knowledge workers, mostly, writers, journalists, storytellers, and consultants to leaders in a wide variety of professions and industries.

What Is the World You’ve Created for You and Me?

We do not outgrow our giftedness. Throughout the life and career of the gifted professional we find the needs for professional fulfillment, social fulfillment and self-understanding grows exponentially.

By the time you get to 30, everything is 200% more intense, more curious, more complex, and more challenging that it was from childhood to 15. By the time you reach 45, everything is 400% more complicated and understandings with other people, with your own intentions, and with career choices expand on a range from great joy and fulfillment to great frustrations and regrets.

All along the way your precociousness, which gave you an advantage as a child, was often judged a liability by the adults in the workplace. Except for rare circumstances, you were admonished to “not act so smart,” to “stop expressing yourself so strongly,” and to, “stay on topic.” Well, we are here to say we are creating a place where you don’t have to be embarrassed to admit you are gifted, just BE IT. Consider what you can do when you meet ten others like you. Or 20. Or 100. Or 1,000.

The purpose of this community is to help gifted professionals and communicators discover the superpowers and extraordinary “first ever” results possible when connected with each other in conversations, within safe spaces called cohorts, where they get the support, resources, productivity and highest returns on their time.

Extreme sensitivity to time is a gifted trait. We feel pain physically and emotionally when others waste our time or we struggle for better and better productivity frameworks. That’s why we intend for this community to be the highlight of the day.

We designed it as a great place to stop by for 20 minutes each day for an experience that feels like noise cancelling headphones. It’s a judgement-free, stupid-free community where you go to find focus, energy, innovation and one great idea or one great introduction to another gifted professional and communicator. Then exit and come back tomorrow.

This is for people who prefer the private dining room experience–away from the noise. You are not interested in conversations at the other table. You do not want others to lurk around you.

Speaking of time-sucking and energy-draining experiences, this community is not an events business. It’s not a meet market. It’s not about transactions where someone throws vendors and prospects into large space to see what sticks. This is not a workshop or place heavy with tactics, tips, worksheets, playbooks or ultimate guides.

If you want to spend money and time to travel to meetings to satisfy your curiosity about human behavior, we believe you can stay home and engage in endless Zoom web conferences for that.

We are here for transformation. We are becoming something better every day. We actively seek OTHER–a lot like us, to “get” us fast, engage with great economy for words and teach us the very thing we want to learn.

Benefits of Joining the GPC Community

We help gifted professionals thrive.

  • We uphold transformation over transactions. You are transformational if you don’t like networking and, instead, believe in the power of your personal network, relationships and people who have your back. You belong here.
  • Experience direct and regular communication with Georgia, Sia and peer-to-peer support with other members in the community.
  • Introductions to others in the community sprout from the relationship you’ve already built with Georgia or Sia. Connections with others tie back to the introductory story about your traits as gifted, professional, communicator, published on the GPC blog.
  • Engage in virtual campfire chats and virtual gatherings for dinner, lunch or coffee. We don’t call these events and we are not event planners. We prefer the deep, meaningful conversations that we’ve experienced our entire professional life when people who “get” us focus the conversation on an issue or project important to us.
  • Enjoy membership on your own terms. You’ll be in charge of time, topics and how much you want to learn from others in the community. You’ll be fully present and engaged because there’s just no passive behavior or creepy lurking allowed.
  • If you are done with stupid, wasted time and annoying email and, instead, believe in the power of your own supportive network and connecting dots, you belong here.

Show Me the Money

Free means no money involved and no transactions at the base level. Instead, the cost is your acceptance and commitment to show up on a consistent basis and participate in the questions, conversations, ideas and design thinking to make this community THE professional community with other gifted minds the place you have been wanting your entire life.

We have ignition ideas on how to create small, private, Virtual Dinner Parties around themes featuring the mindsets gifted people are most known for creating (Futurists, Visionaries, Rebels) with topics that are crowdsourced, curated or planned. We are also considering developing an accelerator program for those who may be interested in the latest thinking around Regenerative Deep Adaptation.

Eventually, if the members want it, we might create a salon or private meeting place within our virtual platform for discussing new approaches, innovations, experiences in collaborations and relationships with other gifted professionals who actively fund projects and businesses like yours. Time will tell.

For now, come on down and be counted. There will always be a free level where you can drop by and get refreshed on a regular basis.

Seriously motivated professionals belong here. We want the people who have done a lot already and still have an urgency about all the things they still want to do before they die.

We invite gifted young people who are finding their way in an increasingly disrupted world. We want gifted Gen Xers who are kind of over it. We want the people who see retirement as a time tag for others, but not a limiting factor and do not feel like they are defined by that mile-marker.

Sia, Shelly, and Georgia have earned their money for a long time as consultants and they continue to work with clients in individually-designed contracts. Profits from their business support and grow the community of Gifted Professionals and Communicators. As long as we all stay clear and intentional about the purpose of the community and what that has to with our separate, consulting agreements, we keep trust and integrity at highest levels.

There’s no deadline, there’s no discount, there’s no push. Just access to the greatest membership on the internet.

We Searched, We Tried Many, And Realized, “If Not Us, Then Who Will?”

Every creation has a biography and a backstory. Two professionals working for 20 years, more than 9,000 miles apart, built companies and careers that touched more than 600 different professions and industries. Then Sia and Georgia, met in 2019 and their conversations rapidly and intentionally became weekly design thinking sessions about what it takes to succeed in the working world as a gifted adult, who chose, to become a professional, and stands out as a communicator.

Separately and then together, we participated in hundreds of traditional models for professional advancement, including associations, boards, committees, mastermind groups and online communities. None of these fed the whole person we are—professional plus communicators plus gifted adult. None of these connected us quickly and intentionally with the people who have always brought out the best in us and that’s other gifted professionals, which include the neurodiverse, genius, and rainforest minds.

No event, conference, social platform, publisher or online community took the time to understand us, include us, and ask questions. We love questions and we are extremely curious. We want to belong and transform—ourselves and others. We are weary of transactions, sales pitches and the assumption that our valued relationships can be bought and sold.

After coming at this from every existing angle, we realized the core of the community is the relationship waiting to happen and the relationships build within the frameworks and human systems created by the members to achieve the support they need while giving as much back as they receive.

We created this safe container for professionals like us to connect, develop, inspire, extend and accelerate professionals who are constantly working on the most valuable, authentic, innovative projects in the world and here’s the key. They know a lot and they are driven to find out what is missing in their knowledge base, with other people who deeply relate to their novel and unexpected ways of thinking.

In the past few years, Sia, Shelly, and Georgia took time to find out what worked exceptionally well and what we might release back into the universe, forever, without missing it. Now that we are ready to go, we are beginning to recruit the kind of talent who understands you to help us convene, facilitate, and push our community forward into the future. That is where Shelly Alcorn comes in. Shelly will be working with us to serve this community and will be focused on the places she excels – convening and facilitating deep conversations that turn into real world action.

During the pandemic millions had a lot of time in isolation, with themselves, with their thoughts, books and sources of information and inspiration. Some used this time to create something better. Many did audits of relationships, money, goals, to sort out something of value and meaning. We created the community for Gifted Professionals and Communicators.

Membership to this community is application-only for professionals who have worked in their practice or at their craft beyond the first years of internship or apprentice, to reach a mastery level, where they could teach others.

How Does This Work and Grow You and Me?

This community will thrive with direct communication, but we must take your preferences into account. What we know from our interviews is gifted professionals are usually overcommitted, exhausted by too many conversations, and find most social media and electronic tools irritating or too distracting because they are constantly being drawn into some new rabbit trail every time they open them.

To meet you where you are, we are kicking it old school and will mostly be communicating by email and WhatsApp messaging. This way we can encourage conversation that you can engage with on your time schedule, no matter the hour or global time zone. We connect by Zoom when a cohort of 3 to 6 members want to gather around someone’s project or a single topic – relevant for now or next few weeks.

Sia, Georgia and Shelly are the conveners, facilitators and accelerators. There’s no Facebook or other “cool tool” to dilute or distract. It’s just you and who you want to communicate with on your terms, in your time, and how you want to see and be seen by other gifted professionals and communicators.

Possibly, someone in your family or someone at work seems to have most of the traits or characteristics of a gifted person in a profession. Possibly, you want to join the community in order to understand them better and to strengthen the connection back to you. We thought of that and prepared a place for you, too.

The more you know what gifted traits are and you can leverage those for yourself, then you can see them in others. In this community you have a new language which has always been there and now you see the direct connection to your thinking, your past, your present and all that you are becoming and wanting to do before you die.

Beliefs Inside This Community

Belonging means you share core values and beliefs. Here are a few beliefs we’ve gained by working with other gifted professionals and communicators.

  • A position of power should earn you some initial trust, but not durable trust. And when someone demonstrates that they haven’t done their research, or that they’re willing to lie to advance some other motives, we can’t keep trusting them.
  • Learning to read and creating your own relationship with scientific knowledge will not bestow you with a comprehensive knowledge of the world. It will give you the tools for getting closer to the truth on your own. Then you can create your own relationship with knowledge, instead of letting others create that relationship for you.
  • There is nothing more real than your potential, even if it can’t be seen or touched.An existential crisis arises when you are faced with the question of purpose, and you have no satisfying answer. When you’re on a path that feels empowering, you don’t have to wonder whether or not you should keep going. It just feels right, and you know it. The less you have to ask about your purpose, the more you embody it.
  • We expect that our collective beliefs as a community will become a manifesto. For now, we will add beliefs here and find out what each member of the community wants to learn, to say, to give and to gain.

What Did We Have to Overcome to Create This Community?

As Sia, Shelly, and Georgia became more intense and more clear on what this community must become and must never do, they got to truths that are likely for others like them.

The biggest challenge for them over the past few years was unlearning the stories they had in their heads about who they thought they were and who they thought they were supposed to be.

Show up as who you are and it turns out no one will be all that surprised.

One trait of gifted is overtalking others because our minds move intensely fast and we want to participate and add value without forgetting the last 10 big thoughts sparked by what we just heard them say. What would happen if we listened without talking, until we felt our head explode? Could we discover the flip side of overtalking, which is over listening?

For the past two years, Sia and Georgia had “Stay Connected and Curious “calls every day with professionals from every field you can name and from states and countries across time zones. At first it was an experiment to see how long we could listen without talking and only until the other person asked a question. We kept doing these calls because they gave us access to the inner minds of people’s real emotions, not the things they are only willing to say publicly.

As it turns out, we learned you cannot over listen. You can only overtalk.