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Customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without customers, there is no business.

Your services and products define the “body” of your business. Millions of different body types exist, but they all need lifeblood.

One thing that must be part of that lifeblood is a clearly defined brand. Your brand is like the air you breathe. And in order to breathe, quality air is a necessity for you, your customers, your employees, and all your connections. The lifeblood carries the air to every part of the body of your business.

Without this air, your business suffocates. Some organizations manage to struggle along with less air or even contaminated air. That’s a stagnant, immobile position for any business to experience.

Air is something we often take for granted, because we can’t see it as easily as we see customers and the body of the business. Having a clearly communicated brand helps avoid that. Your brand is your why, your purpose, your reputation, your promises to customers. It is the air—the ether—that permeates throughout your organization.

Communication is only one way to keep your brand alive. It makes others understand your why and your purpose. That’s why many customers love visualizations, such as logos, slogans and corporate colors. Visuals give the air of a business a color or smell—we know it’s there. But a brand can’t live on visuals alone.

You must have a living, breathing, fully-operationalized brand to experience true ease of business.

Breathe Brand is not only the imperative for your business success. It is also the name of the signature service and business unit of two well-known companies, The Communicators and Holland People+Brands. Co-founders and co-creators Georgia Patrick and Jennifer Holland discovered the need for Breathe Brand when they came together at a Washington, DC, meeting. They collaborated for month and put in one place an extensive diagnosis all of their evidence, consultant notes and experiences with more than 600 clients for the past 20 years.

Our driving questions were these:

  • How many different ways can we look at these clients, situations and struggles, so that we can provide powerful, specific, and maybe unconventional treatments or even cures for clients that are not breathing the air—or the brand—of their business?
  • What can we do to get our clients—those businesses swamped with urgencies and too many demands, focused on their air? How can we get them eager to put their hand in ours so that we can we create their own treetops plan, capable of lifting the business, people and operations up out of the trenches and into a breathable, peaceful way of doing business?
  • How can we clarify murky messages, simplify cluttered communications and streamline the actions of a business?

The biggest problem we discovered is most businesses are standing on their own air hose. They confuse brand with marketing or graphic design. They are unaware of their need for air, because they somehow got this far without connecting their shortness of breath with the chronic condition of brand failure [or brand code blue].

Brand failure [brand code blue] shows up with these symptoms:

  • High marketing costs for attracting customers due to a lack of clear and compelling reasons for customers to choose you.
  • Slow momentum with more to do than what seems possible, because the client’s team has failed to align all strategic initiatives and cascading goals to the brand.
  • Blindness because the client’s team has no brand lens for decision-making and consensus-building, creating too many things to do with little or no value.

Breathe Brand© is not about changing anything; rather, it’s about transforming and actually becoming the highly respected, unique and positive-experience business you think you are and claim to be.

Breathe Brand is the most complete and “whole business body” consulting advantage and brand process available anywhere.

Here, in the Breathe Brand team is a lot of innovation and new thinking which benefits our clients. There are new methods for looking at brand in terms of business results in improved business efficiencies, greater organizational alignment, and elevated cross-functional synergies. When a business “gets it” and breathes their brand, they create happier, more positive experiences for all people—leadership, employees and customers. This naturally results in faster, more profitable growth paths.

Everything starts with brand. Everything in a business comes from this core, unifying place.

Working with us is a comfortable, engaging experience—as natural as breathing.

When you are ready to breathe a sigh of relief, then learn the true reasons for your business hits or misses and how to transform your business forever and for all the right reasons, contact us at Georgia@nullCommunicators.com or Jennifer@nullhollandhelix.com