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Do you have all the wealth you want? Wealth happens by affiliating with people who want the best for you and then bring out the best in you.

While you are busy serving many, who is helping you decide the next right move for your business?

Where do you turn when you need more than tactics and lists? When you realize “best practices” examples are about yesterday and someone else’s dream, do want, instead, for someone to show you “next practices” for your situation?

Join the conversation. We’re a network of gifted professionals and communicators. This community started as invitation-necessary, mentally safe space for founders, creators and managers of credentials businesses, talking candidly about the ins and outs of growing certifications, accreditations, standards, candidates, mentors, workforce initiatives and micro-credentials.

The global pandemic gave us the opportunity to expand to all professionals, while seeing, for the first time, who contributes the most to the conversation and who are best at moving everyone else to be the best version of themselves. And the best models for their chosen profession.

That’s when the name and the shift to a community of Gifted Professionals and Communicators happened. These are the professionals who bring to their mission and to all relationships with others the characteristics of the gifted adult who also happens to excel at communication. Some are authors, writers and skilled at storytelling. All are great at getting a board or their team to listen, trust, connect and get stuff done.

In the world of the gifted professional and communicator, fear is overcome by the support of community. In safe, constructive and nourishing spaces, our truths take root and grow.

Oh sure, a Google search might give you information on building and growing a business and brand. No great enterprise is built on generic information. The only way to build the right business for your niche is by getting specific about your goals, and having the confidence to articulate, try and test your ideas. The community is where we find others who do not waste our time. The community is where we look inward to pull out what we really want to say and come to terms with whatever has distracted or delayed us from getting that work or those words into the world. We form new bonds with other professionals who take leaps of faith and test new ideas alongside us.

Is this you? Are you a professional? Are you good at communication and always trying to find better ways to connect the thoughts and connect the people? Do you already know you were born gifted or has that slowly come to you as you recognize the traits in your past and present behavior? Traits include too much of everything. Too much intensity, curiosity, sensitivity, empathy, precision, perfectionism, procrastination, plus far more potential and choices than even your rainforest mind can handle.

If you’re at all interested in a more one-on-one approach to creating and sharing your work, please explore this further with us and speak up.

If you're wondering whether the Gifted Professionals and Communicators Core is for you, or you have any questions, please contact me at

The cost of admission is your participation, your stories and your questions for the group. Eventually, we’ll charge an annual fee and the members of this community will help us decide when and what that fee will be.