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The QualityPro Board of Directors, the certification business founded within the National Pest Management Association, hired Georgia to facilitate our board/staff two-day (8 hour) retreat to define QualityPro’s vision and begin the organization’s strategic plan. We had a short timeline leading up to an 8 hour meeting where we wanted to engage more than 20 people. Georgia stepped up to the challenge and began immediately to truly understand our needs, help us set expectations for the meeting, laying out a process and the agenda, and organizing the resources we needed. She worked closely with QualityPro officers, me and NPMA leaders during before the meeting to ensure that when the group came together we were already on our way to the finish line. The thorough preparation resulted in a productive meeting where there were no surprises, yet creative new ideas flowed. Georgia she showed flexibility onsite by allowing conversations to continue while still moving the agenda forward. Most importantly, I was delighted when my board’s expectations were exceeded.

Allison Allen

BCE, Director of Certification, QualityPro, National Pest Management Association

I want to give a strong thanks and recommendation for our prime contractor, The Communicators. They are truly experts in the field of certification, and are the perfect group to guide our work. Right from the beginning, they showed an enthusiasm for the project far beyond any of the other RFP repliers. They are thoughtful, thorough, experienced and professional. They are also willing to able to adapt as research and resources dictate. We could not be in better hands.

Cary Oshins

Director of Education, US Composting Council, Director of Certification, Certification Commission of the USCC

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