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Who Cares About Your Certification?

You are the owner of a certification or accreditation enterprise.  You’re a smart, creative, hard-working and bring a lot of value to your stakeholders.  Perhaps you do all of this within a corporation or association or nonprofit organization that claims to provide the “gold standard” credential for your specific field or industry. Because you set the standards and say who makes it or not, then you have only one choice yourself. You have to be In It To Win It. Where do you start?

What’s Your Story?

Why are you doing this?  Do you believe credentials make a difference to professionals and the people they serve?  Do you believe that competency always wins, more than the size of the program?  Have you noticed how rapidly certification program are evolving, changing and re-inventing the world of work, because it seems impossible to learn the credentials business as fast as you need to?

You have to go all in to make it in the credentialing industry.   What does it really mean to go ALL IN on something in your business, your life, the way you connect with people and do something that matters?

Going ALL IN means jumping into the unknown without knowing exactly what will happen or whether it will work or not.  That’s why the certification savvy matters… hire The Communicators.

Every certification program starts the same way.  Small and with the first person to become certified.  The bold who head these programs are passionate leaders who have deep knowledge of their profession or field and not a clue about where to start or what to do when stepping into the entirely different world called the Credentialing Industry.

This is your invitation to go ALL IN.

Good news!  You found us!  There’s two ways to tell us your story and take first steps. Go to our contact form or send an email to info@nullcommunicators.com to ask for a date and time for a 30-minute phone call or web conference to fill us in. If you are ready to be honest and commit to change, then book a call.

Credentialing is easy to love and hard to do.  After making this trek with more than 300 credentials enterprises we can tell you why they do it: The climb to the top is worth the effort and the view is amazing.

Who Are We And Why Does Your Success Matter?

We are consultants of The Communicators and we are passionate about the value credentialing brings to the world and totally into the hearts and minds of credentialing leaders like you.  We’ve been helping certification leaders find the way and enjoy the adventure, the journey, the credentials business since 1979.    That’s way, way before the first competitor entered the picture.   It’s easy to say your are the first or the original one; however, the calendar does not lie.  Even though many say they want to work with the best consultants they can find, the ones who have the most experience and greatest insights into all things in a credentialing conversation, clients make their choice to hire us based on these factors:

  1. They believe “we’re the one”
  2. They find the vibe with our thinking and recommendations
  3. They believe their team will follow through—to the goal– because our maps and guides (consultant-coach-facilitators) are that good

We are the go-to guides and experts for certification leaders in associations and corporations.

We help you put the value and visibility in all of the moving parts of your brand of certification, your accreditation status and your registry of information about your certifications and the people who have earned your “marks.”


Our loyal customers are the company’s lifeblood. We are dedicated to building enduring relationships with them and to understanding and meeting their needs with service beyond their expectations.

I want to give a strong thanks and recommendation for our prime contractor, The Communicators. They are truly experts in the field of certification, and are the perfect group to guide our work. Right from the beginning, they showed an enthusiasm for the project far beyond any of the other RFP repliers. They are thoughtful, thorough, experienced and professional. They are also willing to able to adapt as research and resources dictate. We could not be in better hands.

Cary Oshins

Director of Education, US Composting Council, Director of Certification, Certification Commission of the USCC

Certification Journal

The Communicators share their depth of expertise here in the blog. We provide valuable insights on credentials, CEOs and communications that you can’t get anywhere else.


We’ve experienced just about every problem and opportunity that organizations face. Everything from leadership issues to growing so fast the programs get ahead of resources and fail to deliver what the organization promised. That’s why we concentrate on separating the symptoms from the real problem, then coming up with the best possible solutions.

We create the environment for productive work sessions that exactly match our clients’ expectations

As you and your team talk to us, we listen and sketch maps

We turn your wishes into concepts and then create strategies

What We Do

Start up a new certification

Re-invigorate an aging certification

Create a new credential

Figure out what kind of credential your market needs

Build strategies to jumpstart your marketing

Grow credentials enterprises by mergers

About Us

We are visionaries and pioneers. We are entrepreneurs and professional education executives who serve national and international markets and their customers. We are the future of credentialing. We are The Communicators.

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