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Why do I write for you? More to the point, why do you keep coming back for more and different and brain tickling insights, news, plus stuff you just can’t find anywhere else?

Those who know me well and have ever shared coffee, wine or a moment in the hallways during a day of back-to-back meetings know my truth: I go where I am needed and my purpose is to serve you, the leaders of your industry or your profession.   The best part of communication is listening. That’s why I ask for feedback and plenty of it. That’s why you have to step out of the shadows and speak up about what you want me to write about next.

Those who are just now discovering The Communicators, congratulations for finding us. Stick around and see for yourself that we are curious, creative and live to accelerate leaders in the wide world of credentials and expertise enterprises. We convene conversations. We are not the authors of books, speakers or social media stars—those are out clients.   We do not have a thing you can buy online. So there’s no pitch.

From all of you—clients, colleagues, LinkedIn connections and subscribers to this regular diet of dazzle, we have heard you and it’s one big message: “Do Not Bore Me.”

What do you care so much about that I should care about it too? What is the story you have to share with others like you, who are about to experience what just impressed you? What is going on in your world of standards, certifications, customers, board members, corporate partners or technology that inspires you in moments when you are not overwhelmed with information and decisions?

If you tell me to explore topics deeper with an ongoing series, that might be fun. Or we can write about “top of mind” stuff that you’ve been thinking about—a lot, lately. Here’s a few possible themes that our clients and subscribers have suggested. Please give me your advice or two cents worth on which of these (or something not yet on this list) may be what you want to see next, coming from me:

  1. Tactical Implementation of Vision
  2. Accreditation Readiness Audit
  3. Certification Marketing
  4. The Board-It All Starts and Ends There
  5. Disruptive Changes
  6. Candidate Management
  7. Microcredentialing
  8. Training Provider Recognition
  9. Financial Health Checkup
  10. Mergers & Change Communications
  11. Learn from Greatest Certification Minds
  12. Strategic Thinking and Planning
  13. Business of Certification

If you send me an email about what you’re interested in, we might change the world a bit in a positive and lasting way.   Let’s explore what’s on your mind about what’s going to happen next in your job or in your organization.