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Georgia Patrick

Georgia Patrick

Georgia Patrick is a national expert on communications purposes and marketing that support the business of certification and accreditation organizations, trade associations, professional societies, and workforce improvement initiatives. She has devoted most of her 30 years in communications and marketing management to working with leaders and members of industry groups and professional organizations to define a vision for their future, then develop the structure, support, and commitment required to turn wishes and missions into tangible results.

In 1991 she became CEO of The Communicators, Inc., a marketing and customer relationship management firm that has worked for more than 300 of the best-known and larger associations based in the U.S. with members around the world. She has been an officer of the firm since 1980.The primary purpose of more than 30,000 associations is to produce a member and others they call customers, for information, meetings, and advocacy efforts. Commitment and resources to grow an association come from its members and people outside the industry who make contributions and do business with the association.

So, Georgia is best known for her uncanny accuracy about which strategies for an association will succeed and which ones won’t. She knows how the right selection and implementation of certain programs, based on one-to-one principles, will affect thousands of people that identify with specific associations. She has been featured in national magazines in recent years for her pioneering work with online communications, entrepreneurship and women-owned businesses.

Her credentials include a degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, a steady stream of invitations to speak and write for national association audiences, plus more than 15 years of service on committees or boards of directors for the American Society of Association Executives, Association Media and Publishing, the Counselors Academy of the Public Relations Society of America, and the Dallas/Fort Worth Association Executives. She is a national expert in accreditation and credentialing organizations, which have grown rapidly in the past 20 years as entire new industries and professions have grown out of service businesses and managed health care organizations that didn’t even exist until recently.

Tracy King, MA, CAE

Tracy King, MA, CAE

Co-Founder of Expertise Enterprise and Founder of InspirEd

Tracy King is an education strategist and learning design leader. She works with organizations representing professional industries to develop sustainable, revenue generating education strategies for learning programs designed to achieve measurable impact.

Tracy has a Master’s degree in Communication; she taught communication studies at multiple academic centers to students around the world. She has since leveraged her expertise for both corporations and nonprofits. Tracy has developed models for adult learning design, learner engagement, learning program blueprinting and continuing education strategy. She’s a thought leader and invited speaker. Her team designs impactful in-person, hybrid and digital learning for a variety of industries.

Tracy’s investment in assisting organizations establishing sustainable business around continuing education is a natural and inevitable pairing with Georgia’s investment in sustainable accreditation and credentialing enterprises. Georgia and Tracy have heard the same urgent concerns from organizations seeking to remain relevant within their industries in the face of increasing competition. They understand with perfect clarity how organizations can establish strategic, revenue generating businesses driving growth in both education and credentialing. This powerful partnership has resulted in the signature service called Expertise Enterprise.

In addition to her Master’s in Communication, Tracy is a Certified Association Executive (CAE), Certified Faculty Developer (CFD), and Certified Virtual Event Producer (CVEP). She serves as volunteer leadership for the American Society of Association Executives and Associations North.

Jennifer Holland

Jennifer Holland

Co-Founder of Breathe Brand and Certified Brand Strategist

As one of only 37 Certified Brand Strategists in the United States, Jennifer Holland is a dynamic marketing and communications expert with a career in successful brand building spanning over two decades. She fine-tuned the process of brand development into a methodology unlike any other. Her proven methods align an organization’s business+brand+people strategies to maximize speed and results.

Credentialing businesses, certification owners and accreditation agencies have a high need for brand awareness, brand clarity and brand distinction. More than 90% of all credential enterprises claim they are “the gold standard” or the “preferred credential” and more than 90% of their customers have no proof for such claims.

This is why Jennifer is a co-founder of Breathe Brand, a signature service of The Communicators. Breathe Brand is not about changing anything; rather, it’s about transforming and actually becoming the highly-respected, unique and positive-experience business you think you are and claim to be.

To create award-winning branding and communication materials, Jennifer—a fine artist herself—maintains business ties with esteemed designers, illustrators and writers who assist on projects where specialized skills are required. She meets with other Certified Brand Strategists twice a year to continue to evolve best practices for brand building. When it comes to delivering exceptional solutions for clients and to deploying agencies and other marketing specialists for integrated campaigns, Jennifer and her highly-trained team cover the spectrum of branding and communications needs.

Jennifer is a top-rated Expert Resource Speaker for Vistage International and professional-level member of National Speaker’s Association. The international Journal of Brand Strategy published a research article Jennifer co-authored, “Aligning a company’s people strategy with its business strategy and brand strategy” in its Autumn/Fall 2013 volume. Based in London, the Journal of Brand Strategy highlights work by leading brand professionals and includes detailed analyses of how leading brands are managed around the world.

Janet Ford

Janet Ford

Janet Ford serves as manager of electronic publishing, Internet services and administrative services for The Communicators.

She has more than 25 years of administrative experience and excels in using computers as management, marketing and communications tools. Before joining The Communicators, she was assistant to the vice president of a large computer software and services company where she was responsible for coordinating the administrative management functions for a group of 300 employees.

In her role she provides customer service assistance to the firm’s many clients and is in charge of The Communicators internal administrative practices and systems. Janet spearheads project planning and analysis phases of the client engagements, plus project cost analysis and time management programs.

She supervises the production of print advertising, special publications such as annual reports, newsletters, research reports and surveys, direct marketing packages and directories using electronic publishing.

A native of the Washington, D.C. area, Janet attended the University of Maryland.

Melanie Rembrandt

Melanie Rembrandt

You hear that “content is king” over and over. Why?

It can give our clients a competitive edge that significantly boosts revenue quickly…. But, this only happens if it is done the right way.

To make a significant impact, content needs to provide a valuable message to our clients’ target audiences in the right way… at the right time. And this takes skill and experience.

Melanie Rembrandt is the content management strategist.

Melanie is masterful in creating the whole story and all pages for a website, whether it’s a new launch or re-presentation of what our client’s brand promise is to all of their customers, members and investors.

Beyond websites, she is engaged when clients tell us they struggle with content and waste resources without seeing results – and it’s time for a change.

Melanie works on the front lines with our consulting team and behind the scenes when clients want to:

  • Develop specific, overall messaging for their organization so that it provides consistency, continuity, current data, and a delightful experience… no matter where customers go on their website year-round.
  • Create unique writing in various mediums and get it out to the right people at the right time… relevant to client-specific goals.
  • Provide online and offline content that clients’ customers, and the search engines, will find valuable.
  • Discover hidden and unique selling points about the organization which they are missing.
  • Track results to provide more value to clients’ customers… and stop wasting time and money on social media posts, advertising, articles, and other content that is simply not working.

Melanie is the founder and CEO of Rembrandt Communications®. And when the request or work involves credentialing industry enterprises, certification, accreditation, or career paths for any profession, she works on The Communicators’ team which stays effective at a high-level with board of directors, staff and cross-functional teams.

This way, new ideas and communications turn into concrete results clients can see in their bottom line. It simply makes sense and saves a ton of staff time to include the professional writer and content marketing strategist on the engagement team instead of splintering off the copywriting and creative direction to unknown individuals or freelance talent who are not focused 100% on your work, your deadlines and your total scope of work.

A magna cum laude graduate of the prestigious, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, Melanie has worked with all types of business and numerous celebrities. Voted one of the “Top Google SEO Copywriters On Earth,” she provides in-depth training presentations to various organizations worldwide. And when Melanie is not helping clients, you can usually find her scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean, hitting a Muay Thai kickboxing bag or taking a dance class!

Gary Clark, M.A.

Gary Clark, M.A.

Testing and Certification Strategist and Implementation Coach

Gary has been working in training, testing and certification for more than 30 years. He has worked with The Communicators for more than 20 years, first as a client at Galton Technologies, then as a colleague in other companies serving the rapidly growing credentialing industry. Currently he serves as the lead for all engagements involving objectives or questions about test delivery. Technical, personnel and acquisition changes are so rapid in testing scenarios and that’s why an experienced guide with maps—Gary at The Communicators is the only way to navigate the right path for each certification or training program.

Gary’s deep relationships and breadth of knowledge comes with a story. It all started for Gary in 1987 when he was hired by the then startup Novell Corporation to do technical training for Novell’s worldwide training and certification program. Having developed an interest in test theory and development while pursuing his Master’s in Experimental Psychology, Gary gravitated to test development and certification helping Novell to build the Information Technology’s first technical Train-the-trainer Certification – Certified Novell Instructor. Gary became director of certification programs at Novell where he was charged with growing certification programs and working with industry partners to create complementary certification programs throughout the Information Technologies space. Gary left Novell in 1997 to start the psychometric consulting and services firm Galton Technologies which helped over 80 clients develop valid and reliable testing and certification programs. The most successful IT certification programs in the world including ones offered by Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, CompTIA and many others used Galton Technologies’ services as their programs were rolled out worldwide. In 2001 Galton Technologies was acquired by the Prometric Corporation.

Following his time at Galton, Gary has worked for KRYTERION Online Testing, for Caveon Test Security, for Certiport and done numerous consulting projects for Interfolio, British Council, Futurelearn, Castle Worldwide, Mettle and Franklin Covey. All of these projects involved various degrees of research, business development, program planning, budgeting, test planning and development, security planning, channel implementation, partner recruitment and program rollout.

Gary has presented at numerous conferences for private corporations as well as at industry-wide events. He is interested in security and biometric strategies and has taught and presented in these areas as well. Gary has always had a fascination with statistics and what they reveal about individuals, groups and trends. He lists Levitt and Dubner’s Freakonomics (2005 William Morrow) as one of his favorite reads. (Don’t get him started on Geoffrey Moore’s now classic Crossing the Chasm (1991 Harper Business Essentials).

Gary enjoys all aspects of certification programs from design through to implementation. He can be counted on for direct and honest communication even when the information might be hard to hear. He is not a believer in “build it and they will come” until and unless a market and a need have been articulated and proven.

“I like to have fun while I work and will always find a way to make things enjoyable while maintaining an air of professionalism and mutual respect.”

Gerald E. Allan

Gerald E. Allan

Gerald E. Allan serves as director of strategic and creative planning for The Communicators. Jerry is well known throughout the United States and Canada for his counseling on creativity, problem solving, futures, creative management and visual thinking. As chief facilitator for The Communicators, he plans and conducts retreats and private seminars, often included in our research, planning and program implementation services. His basic philosophy is that all problems are opportunities.

He has lectured and conducted workshops at many colleges and universities in North America and at conferences in Europe. Plus, he has authored a variety of articles and books in the architecture, energy, environment, urban development, education and ecology fields. Additionally, Jerry serves corporate and government clients including Mayo Clinic, General Mills, IBM, 3M, New York University, U.S. Army, Northwest Airlines, Control Data Corporation and Bell Laboratories.

In 1973, he founded Criteria Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization involved in research, humanitarian and educational projects. He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota and master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Jerry’s latest project is creation of the educational project and book, with Georgiana Allan, for school-age children called The Horse & the Iron Ball : A Journey Through Time, Space, and Technology. It is available through Amazon.com. In 2009, Allan was invited to make a keynote presentation for the World Future Society in Washington, DC, on his sustainability project named “Preemptive Peace: Finding Peace with Each Other by Making Peace with the Planet.” The presentation was followed by additional invitations from India Today Conclave 2009 in New Delhi and the International Educators Conference 2010 in Copenhagen. This work is now being applied with his studentsTM five-year Global Citizens Project, a working collaboration with seven different global partners.

Leanne Spaulding

Leanne Spaulding

Leanne serves as credentials business implementation team leader for clients of The Communicators. Her passion is working with specialists and experts in many different professions—all of whom “get it” that certification is the next step to professionalizing an industry and creating new opportunities for continued learning, standardization, and revenue.

Leanne first wowed our implementation work group with her performance in playing a pivotal role in the development of a certification program for the organics recycling industry. From candidate handbook creation, data analysis, and communications planning, Leanne supports various aspects of certification development.

From 2006 to 2008, Leanne worked with a small organics recycling microenterprise as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Thailand. This experience catalyzed her love for compost, soil conservation, and sustainable farming practices. Upon returning to the United States, she completed the New York City Master Compost Certification Training and founded the BIG Compost Project. BIG Compost continues to serve communities in Western Queens and North Brooklyn and is partially funded by New City Department of Sanitation.

Her success in New York led her to complete the US Composting Council (USCC) Compost Operator Training Course. Shortly after, she presented at the USCC Annual Conference and Tradeshow and stepped into a full-time staff position a few months later. With USCC, Leanne worked on state advocacy issues, oversaw operations and database upgrade and implementation. She divided her time between USCC and its sister foundation, the Composting Council Research and Education Foundation (CCREF). She supported the CCREF leadership with securing grant funding and creating two scholarship programs.

Leanne has seven years of environmental non-profit and private industry experience.  She earned a BA in Foreign Policy from University at Albany and is actively pursuing a Masters in Environmental Management at Duke University.

John and Rhoda Allen

John and Rhoda Allen

John and Rhoda Allen serve as film and video director and production coordinator for The Communicators. This husband and wife teamwork is seen nationwide on PBS, has been distributed to schools and used by corporations for both training and marketing. Their special professional interest is in documentary and dramatic style productions that help people gain a greater awareness of the world around them and the potentials for their role within it.

One example is Switching Channels: Careers in Retail Baking, an award-winning career education video created by The Communicators for the Retailer’s Bakery Association.

They also produced these award winning films and videos: The Columbia: River of Many Returns and The Mississippi River: On Course for the Army Corps of Engineers It’s My Choice, dealing with teenage pregnancy Beyond Business as Usual, a study of how changing laws and technologies affect America’s approach to hazardous waste Beyond Fear, an exploration of the human issues involved in the AIDS epidemic The Visit to the Sepulcher Spaceflight, a 4-part PBS series The Burghers of Calais A Cry of Pain, a look at the personal and family issues involving child abuse and Remember the Children, exhibits for the Holocaust Museum.

John holds a BA from Dartmouth, master’s in teaching from Wesleyan University and master’s in television and film from Northwestern University. Rhoda received her BA in education from the University of Michigan and completed advanced academic work at the University of Sheffield in England.

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