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When you’re ready to bring your story to life, here’s what you’ll learn and deliver better.


Every story has facts and details. Truth is the story we tell ourselves about what those facts and details mean. We constantly struggle with what is truth and what is real. How do you show your integrity? How do you let your imagination take others into something you believe in; yet, they have never seen or experienced before?

Truth matters because it gives meaning to facts and details. Truth keeps you from overstating or overpraising.


Modern storytelling is about a narrative and brain science—how humans give and accept information. In the past, stories came from elders telling you what is right and wrong. Today, stories meet people where they are at, then makes them feel good and confident about the decision they will make for their life and business.

To be more effective in the world of others, deep listening and learning new languages, such as the languages of different professions, is as essential as air and water


Who are the people in your story? Storytelling is the source code of humanity.

Data and numbers have no context until we add the story to it. What is that context suppose to achieve in the mind and heart of the other person or many? Just a few possibilities—and we can talk about this more when you Contact Us.

  • Inspire others to see a new story.
  • Curate the bigger story through many angles and voices.
  • Provide confidence in the future story.
  • Find and strengthen connections.
  • Facilitate a collective shift in the story.
  • Invent a new story to solve a problem.
  • Change the way people think about cultural values and other causes.