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Our loyal customers are the company’s lifeblood. We are dedicated to building enduring relationships with them and to understanding and meeting their needs with service beyond their expectations. We become business partners with our customers and we have enjoyed the trust, creativity and challenges of more than 300 national and international associations and certification organizations over the past 25 years. Our customer showcase spotlights a few, current engagements.

To find out about experiences and best practices that directly relate to your professional association or industry group, please contact us. Your time is limited, and this web site isn’t big enough for all of the stories and history-making events we’ve shared with our customers.

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I want to give a strong thanks and recommendation for our prime contractor, The Communicators. They are truly experts in the field of certification, and are the perfect group to guide our work. Right from the beginning, they showed an enthusiasm for the project far beyond any of the other RFP repliers. They are thoughtful, thorough, experienced and professional. They are also willing to able to adapt as research and resources dictate. We could not be in better hands.

Cary Oshins
Director of Education, US Composting Council
Director of Certification, Certification Commission of the USCC

Warrior Centric Health (WCH)® is the nation’s premier platform that informs, trains and assesses how the healthcare needs of the veteran and military communities are being addressed in the commercial healthcare setting. Our organization was highly encouraged by one of the nation’s leading healthcare executives and thought leaders to meet with The Communicators about our plans to develop a credentialing practice. Once we met Georgia, we knew we had chosen the right organization in The Communicators to assist our leadership in the design, development, and implementation of the WCH Credentialing Platforms.  Georgia and her team really immersed themselves in learning all that they could about the current state of veteran healthcare both known and unknown.

What emerged from the comprehensive process guided by The Communicators team was a vision and a plan of action that will forever disrupt the approach to veterans’ healthcare.

Warrior Centric Health® moved from planning to implementation with extreme confidence in our WCH Credentialing Platforms and the strategic leverage garnered from providing a valued and innovative credential to the healthcare sector. This is particularly important as the healthcare industry makes the transformative switch to value-based care and population health models.

Ronald Steptoe
Warrior Centric Healthcare

The QualityPro Board of Directors, the certification business founded within the National Pest Management Association, hired Georgia to facilitate our board/staff two-day (8 hour) retreat to define QualityPro’s vision and begin the organization’s strategic plan. We had a short timeline leading up to an 8 hour meeting where we wanted to engage more than 20 people. Georgia stepped up to the challenge and began immediately to truly understand our needs, help us set expectations for the meeting, laying out a process and the agenda, and organizing the resources we needed. She worked closely with QualityPro officers, me and NPMA leaders during before the meeting to ensure that when the group came together we were already on our way to the finish line. The thorough preparation resulted in a productive meeting where there were no surprises, yet creative new ideas flowed. Georgia she showed flexibility onsite by allowing conversations to continue while still moving the agenda forward. Most importantly, I was delighted when my board’s expectations were exceeded.

Allison Allen
BCE, Director of Certification
QualityPro, National Pest Management Association

When looking for the best in the field of professional standards and certification development, Georgia Patrick and the Communicators stand above the rest.

Georgia and her team of professionals provided the guidance and expertise to bring credibility and value to a new and growing profession through the development of the first professional standard of practice in change management. Georgia and her team worked with the volunteer leadership not only to understand the market need, but validate the value of the standard by engaging over 5000 change management practitioners from 50 different countries.

The Communicators ability to work with volunteer led teams is unsurpassed. Georgia will always go the extra step to ensure you and your organization are set up for success. Georgia’s knowledge, experience working within and for various governance structures was instrumental in delivering on time, on budget and exceeding expectations in the final product.

During the two years working with Georgia and her team she has proven herself a reliable and valued coach and mentor – with a genuine appreciation for those wishing to make a difference in the world. If your association is looking to partner with an organization to assist in any area of professional standards and certification, whether it be initial market evaluation or refinement of an existing program, Georgia and The Communicators should be at the top of your contact list.

Linn Wheeling
1st Executive Director
Association of Change Management Professionals

Today CCHI celebrates 5 years in business as a certification commission and we sent this celebration announcement to the thousands of people who have included themselves in our ranks of candidates, customers, supporters and many others. Your wisdom and expertise turned our volunteer passion into this success.  You’ve been with us from the start and taught us all the ropes of the certification business. We always include The Communicators when we talk or think about CCHI.

Natalya Mytareva
Managing Director, CoreCHI
Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

Alejandro Maldonado
Chairman, CHI-Spanish
Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

In addition to the executive roles I play as a senior staff member with AIHA, my role as Managing Director of AHIA Registry Programs has been a bold, accelerated, innovative journey into advanced concepts in workforce credentialing and specialty professional microcredentials.  We started in 2010 on a journey into uncharted territory and retained The Communicators as our guides, map makers and facilitators.  They are thought leaders in all areas of certification, accreditation, registries, and initiatives that create entirely new business models, as we did with the Registry Programs.   Environmental scans, market analysis, stakeholder collaborations, and rapidly-evolving communications were all part of the total service package we performed with Georgia and her amazing team.  In 2013 ASAE selected Georgia and I to presented the big story and details behind the AIHA Registry Machine at the ASAE Great Ideas Conference.  AIHA represents a broadly defined and tremendously diverse industry – industrial hygiene.  With The Communicators expertise and get-it-done style, that was a great match for our Registry leadership and subject matter work teams.  Together we created programs which are tiered, with registries for specialists who have developed expertise outside the profession’s core competencies and for operators or technicians who have acquired specialized skills pertinent to the EHS professions.

Mary Ann Latko
Managing Director, Strategic Knowledge Initiatives,
American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)

For some time, the PPDM Association has been working towards the creation of a certification program for data management professionals.  We engaged The Communicators to help us with the daunting work because they understood the significance and complexity of building professional certification programs for an international client base and international leadership in the particular field of data management.

PPDM requires high-performance consulting services that need very little supervision on our part and plenty of vision and collaboration among many associations depending on PPDM for leadership.  I would like to extend my sincere thanks for the tremendous support, encouragement and strengths The Communicators have brought to the table.  I have learned a great deal from our relationship and appreciate the personal growth that I have had as a result of our dealings with Georgia.

Trudy Curtis
Professional Petroleum Data Management (PPDM)

We struggled for 20 years to get the vision, the ideas, the details and information about many relationships important to us out of our heads and into a road map for the future.

The whole experience wowed us an achieved bold and ambitious goals coming from a wonderful, deeply-committed, no-egos team of nationally-respected leaders in every area of the woodwork industries.  We know this level of energy and unselfish cooperation among leaders is special and we trusted The Communicators consultants and facilitation team to turn our many wishes into strategies and action plans for the next five years.  We just love working with them.

Greg Heuer
Executive Director
Woodwork Career Alliance of the Architectural Woodworking Institute

Georgia has worked with NICET, our 3M+ certification department, and with me directly in the creation of education programming, strategic planning and marketing.  Georgia was always able to interpret my desires—sometimes even those I didn’t express well and push them towards implementation. Meetings with her always brought about results as well as personally increased my energy.  Having Georgia on your team allows you to concentrate on the many other things that hit an association staff’s time and resources.  Georgia doesn’t get bogged down in the politics but can help you get through the roadblocks.

Georgia helped me engage the five interest group boards I oversee and provide a focused look at long range goals and helped us pull together some solid web seminars to get us out of the blocks.  She also helped us market those events, teaching us along the way, to make the project a success and something we could then build off on our own.

I know she has done various work with our certification unit over the year including development, marketing, arranging partnerships, website creation and upgrades.  Certainly our certifications would have continued to be successful (and they definitely are in this economy) but I doubt they would have been as poised to take off like they have.  And I don’t now that our staff would have had the experience and energy and insight that they now have after working with Georgia and her team in the past.

Georgia has been working with associations and certifications for a long time and is well known in the business.  She is knowledgeable, committed and passionate about her work and the people she works with. The staff she has with her at The Communicators has always been top notch.  Georgia has a creative mind, but is very able to focus i through great project management tools.

Kimberly Granados
CAE, NSPE, Director
Membership & Professional Practice Units

In associations the members find value and create value for themselves and other members through the activities and information that directly relate to their work and aspirations for promotions.  As director of the five communities of professional practice within the National Association of Professional Engineers (NSPE), I’ve experienced a lot of changes and intense periods of creativity in recent years, to bring to life the new strategic plan, new organizational structure and new leadership patterns.  The Communicators project teams have been a constant, reliable source of energy, communications strategies and member-engaging projects that my staff and I deliver to our state societies, company members and individual Professional Engineers.

My position has to deal evenly with all five of the communities of practice, which includes professional engineers in private practice, construction, industry, government and education.  This covers the entire range of our association’s members and reaches out to other engineering organizations, such as civil (ASCE), electrical (IEEE), mechanical (ASME), and more than 100 other associations. Just imagine what it’s like to create business plans and business value for a membership with that much diversity!  With my staff and my team from The Communicators, that’s exactly what we do.

Kimberly Granados
CAE, NSPE, Director
Membership & Professional Practice Units

The Communicators role was significant as certification consultant, plus marketing and communications leader for the NCA programs. They are the only firm experienced in growing a certification program at the same time they consulted with our board of directors to work collaboratively with a competitor to structure and complete a merger.

Today, all assets and activities have been completely merged and the new name of the combined organizations is the ASCP Board of Certification.

Sheila O’Neal
Executive Director
National Certification Association

Before coming to ASIS, I was Executive Director for the American Industrial Hygiene Association for 16 years and retained The Communicators for several assignments, both for AIHA the membership organization and for the LLC organizations formed within AIHA, such as the AIHA Registry Programs. These were not easy assignments and we knew we could count on The Communicators to provide the right amount of prior planning needed to help our steering committee of four organizations maintain focus, so that the group would succeed in their mission.

The combination of Georgia and her executive-level consulting team is a powerful and comfortable combination. They produced agendas that are deep enough to keep focus yet encourage discussion outside the box. We like the way they facilitate mired committees into flowing decision-making committees. Most of all, we appreciate their skill to keep the process moving to conclusion – to “go/no go” votes. While they honor the work that has come before them, they have an effective way of saying NO when needed.

Peter O’Neil, CAE
ASIS International
American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA)

“Developing and launching an initiative to secure Industry Partners was a high priority of the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). The Communicators took this goal and developed and implemented a strategic plan of action that produced tangible results. NICET’s first Industry Partner was identified within the first few months of the initiative.

The Industry Partner Initiative, a major long-term initiative authorized by the NICET Board Governors in 2005, is all about connections and relationships that have always been the key to building and delivering the highest quality and most current certification programs for engineering technicians,” Clark said. “There’s a place for all of our industry partners to ‘Keep NICET Certifications Current’ and we are very happy to see the American Fire Sprinkler Association set the pace by becoming our first industry partner.”

Michael Clark, CAE
General Manager
National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET)

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