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Are Some of These Situations True for You?

Your organization acts like a well-kept secret and today’s customers just won’t work as hard to become a member of your association, as did the “the club” of loyal members, all entering retirement now?

You’ve become the executive director or chief staff person of a national association or certification program within the past year and now that the year of going around to meet and listen to all of the divergent views is over, you still have to come to grips with how you will increase membership and come up with services and products that are not easily found through a Google search or replicated by another non-profit or for-profit business.

Everyone talks a good game when it comes to professional development, national standards of practice, ethics, continuing education credits and keeping certifications current. Still, your numbers are down and your customers are finding other ways to keep their jobs or create the winning bid for contracts, through other avenues.

You’ve sent your people to marketing seminars and sunk money into technology solutions and upgrades, but they still lack the business experience and strategic mind to make a difference with your current members and customers.

You’ve seen your ideas and strategies work before, but your team and the organization struggles with turning your wishes into intensely practical actions, according to your plan. They have energetic meetings and exchange email but can’t seem to put the implementation steps in the right order.

Your industry, your credential or your professional service business is considered “emerging” and fast growing, such as coaching or microelectronics. That means you have a lot of great conversations among colleagues but few will ever be your customers and many will become your competitors. Marketing and customer connections are something you have to have in aces, to succeed. It’s not your passion or talent and you’ve invested too much in your craft to fail because you cut corners on marketing.

You know the web site is the most critical business tool in the world. You know that is how people are looking for what you represent or provide. The web builders you’ve found are nice, young-looking people who are into “cool” tools but really don’t get it when it comes to the complexities and nuances of your professional association, trade association, certification program or professional service business. Nobody has ever explained what a web site can do to make each one in your organization “an army of 10.”

Which Clients Are Most Likely to Succeed Using Our Approach to Communications and Marketing?

Our clients share many of the following characteristics. If these fit you as well, you are likely to benefit immediately and throughout the engagement.


Visionary and intensely practical

You see the big picture and implementation options at the same time. You know there needs to be a system or a way to “pull it all together” so it fits your mission and customers you can accept.


Integrity and credibility

This drives your business and differentiates you. For the most part, you are in the information business. Knowledge, privileged information and networks generate revenue. You manufacture nothing. You are not a sales channel for products produced by others.


Lifelong learner

As a leader, you know you don’t know everything. You see technology changing the functions and core of your business or organization, quickly and continuously. You engage outside experts for what they will do for you and what you can learn by working closely with them.


Determined to change the world

Believing in the mission or cause of your organization is not enough. You are both an evangelist and leader for your type of certification or your membership categories. You work on creating your own techniques or approaches. You see groups of specialists or entire business sectors who are actively seeking what you are about to release or wish to promote.


Sense of humor

Creativity and innovation throughout your organization results in laughter and the courage to venture outside the box while getting use to thinking new ways about communications, web sites, and customer preferences.


Willing to invest in yourself and your business

You know that our expertise, objectivity and “in the trenches” experience with more than 300 organizations for the past 25 years is the best investment you can make.


Very knowledgeable about your business and specialty

You are an expert yourself and have many national experts within your organization or customer camp. Being the “go to” organization or “voice of the industry” means a lot.

What’s Our Next Step?

Now that you have a better idea of the issues, concerns and challenges facing our clients and the types of clients who are successful, click here to find out more about How We Work.

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