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Wishes to Action

Based on its 30 years of experience in helping more than 600 associations and other organizations design and implement many kinds of projects, TC has the capability to help your organization design a Wishes to Action journey which will enhance the creativity of your team, their motivation and ability to implement the project on-time and on-budget.

Instead of trying to boil the ocean, we take it one wish at a time—one step at a time.

These are the typical challenges we find and here’s the good news—we found the cure:

  • It's basic human nature in our American culture to rush ahead rather than spend time thinking and examining deep-seated, fundamental beliefs and personal motivations. We'd rather do than plan, even if we don't really have a clear idea of what we are supposed to do.
  • For many, pride prevents us from not admitting that we may not be natural leaders.
  • Neither goals nor the action plan to accomplish those goals are clearly identified.
  • The project team or group does not have experience or training in creative problem solving or design thinking.
  • The people involved find it easier to shoot down new ideas than to creatively support and expand an idea and to collectively develop the optimal course of action
  • People on the team continue to act as individuals rather than as members of smoothly functioning team.

Here’s more good news. Because we settled this wild territory, drew the maps and documented reality every day in our journals, we have the Wishes to Action Guides and wisdom.

Without a well-traveled guide and map, here’s what might happen instead:

  • The project team and its leaders lose credibility and stature as the project progresses because budget overruns and broken commitments occur when the money and staff time run out about the time people thought they would be at the middle or end of the project.
  • Projects take twice as long and cost twice as much.
  • Weaknesses in the project design become big mistakes down the line and then often the hunt for a scapegoat begins.
  • Poor communication abounds - people don't listen to each other and problems remain unsolved and opportunities undeveloped.
  • Blame and shame, the exact opposite to creative problem solving, becomes the key driving energies.
  • No one ends up the winner -- not the project team, not its leadership and not the organization footing the bill and expecting a result.

Imagine if we could all benefit from experiencing new ways of seeing our point of view and that of others without having conflict or competition over trying to convince another before the best communication occurs.

This is not about changing anyone’s mind on a topic. It’s more about better human connectivity through a deeper appreciation of the rich and textured diversity included in all points of view.

We get to deeper appreciation when teams look at the facts rather than hone in on beliefs. We look for gaps in knowledge and either try to fill them or be able to account for them.

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Why Does This Work? Every Time?

We’ve experienced just about every problem and opportunity that organizations face. Everything from leadership issues and no growth to growing so fast the programs get ahead of resources and fail to deliver what the organization promised.

That’s why we concentrate on separating the symptoms from the real problem, then coming up with the best possible solutions.

We create the environment for productive work sessions that exactly match our clients’ expectations

As you and your team talk to us, we listen and sketch maps. We ask questions. We fight for clarification and allow no assumptions.

We turn your wishes into concepts and then create strategies that are “right size” for you, so that you absolutely succeed at each step.