What else did intensely curious professionals ask before they asked for a pass into the community?

What is this world you’ve created for professionals with exceptional talents and communication skills? 

Extreme sensitivity to time is a gifted trait. We feel pain physically and emotionally when others waste our time. We struggle for better and better productivity frameworks. That’s why we intend for this community to be the highlight of the day.  
We designed it as a great place to stop by for 20 minutes each day for an experience that feels like noise-canceling headphones. It’s a judgment-free, stupid-free community where you go to find focus, energy, innovation, and one great idea or one great introduction to another gifted professional and communicator. Then exit and come back tomorrow.

What do gifted professionals and communicators want?

We seem complex and at our core, we are very much alike. We live and work to make someone else’s life better in a way that rewards us both on multiple levels. 

No event, conference, social platform, publisher, or online community took the time to understand us, include us, and ask questions. We love questions and we are extremely curious. We want to belong and transform—ourselves and others. We are weary of transactions, sales pitches, and the assumption that our valued relationships can be bought and sold.

How long did you search for this before realizing, “If not us, then who will?”

Every creation has a biography and a backstory. Two professionals working for 20 years, more than 9,000 miles apart, built companies and careers that touched more than 600 different professions and industries. Then Sia and Georgia met in 2019 and their conversations rapidly and intentionally became weekly design thinking sessions about what it takes to succeed in the working world as a gifted adult, who chose to become a professional and stands out as an excellent communicator.

Separately and then together, we participated in hundreds of traditional models for professional advancement, including associations, boards, committees, mastermind groups, and online communities. None of these fed the whole person we are—gifted adults, plus professionals, plus communicators. None of these connected us quickly and intentionally with the people who have always brought out the best in us which are other gifted professionals, which include the neurodiverse, genius, and rainforest minds.

What did you like about other communities and why wasn’t that enough?

After coming at this from every existing angle, we realized the core of the community is the relationship waiting to happen. Those relationships are built within the frameworks and human systems created by the members to get the support they need while giving as much back as they receive.

We created this safe container for professionals like us to connect, develop, inspire, extend and accelerate professionals who are constantly working on the most valuable, authentic, innovative projects in the world, and here’s the key: they already know a lot and are driven to find out what is missing in their knowledge base with other people who deeply relate to their novel and unexpected ways of thinking.

In the past few years, Sia and Georgia took time to find out what worked exceptionally well and what we might release back into the universe, forever, without missing it. We are beginning to recruit the kind of talent who understands you to help us convene, facilitate, and push our community forward into the future. That is where Shelly Alcorn comes in. Shelly will be working with us to serve this community and will be focused on the places she excels – convening and facilitating deep conversations that turn into real-world action.

What did we have to overcome to create this community?

As Sia, Shelly, and Georgia became more intense and more clear on what this community must become and must never do, they got to truths that are likely for others like them.

The biggest challenge for them over the past few years was unlearning the stories they had in their heads about who they thought they were and who they thought they were supposed to be.

Show up as who you are and it turns out no one will be all that surprised.

One trait of giftedness is overtalking others because our minds move intensely fast and we want to participate and add value without forgetting the last 10 big thoughts sparked by what we just heard them say. What would happen if we listened without talking until we felt our heads explode? Could we discover the flip side of overtalking, which is over listening?

For the past two years, Sia and Georgia had “Stay Connected and Curious “calls every day with professionals from every field you can name and from states and countries across time zones. At first, it was an experiment to see how long we could listen without talking and only until the other person asked a question. We kept doing these calls because they gave us access to the inner minds of people’s real emotions, not the things they are only willing to say publicly.

As it turns out, we learned you cannot over-listen. You can only overtalk.

Why is transformation better than transactions?

We, the exceptionally talented professionals, are weary of time-sucking and energy-draining experiences. This community is not an events business. It’s not a ‘meet-market.’ It’s not about transactions where someone throws vendors and prospects into a large space to see what sticks. This is not a workshop or place heavy with tactics, tips, worksheets, playbooks, or ultimate guides.

If you want to spend money and time to travel to meetings to satisfy your curiosity about human behavior, or stay home and engage in endless Zoom web conferences, you can certainly do that on your own.

We are here for transformation. We are becoming something better every day. We actively seek OTHERS –a lot like us– to “get” us fast, engage with great economy for words, and teach us the very things we want to learn.