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Niche Consulting

Nature’s trifecta: Where the sun in the sky meets the water and land.

Niche Consulting + Wishes to Action + Storytelling=The Communicators trifecta

Niche Consulting

If growth is what you want, that’s niche we do best. You can learn it and master it when you work with The Communicators.

What happens when you stop trying to copy others and start emphasizing what makes you different?

When people ask us “What’s your specialty?” they expect us to answer with a communication channel like marketing, website content or alliance building. Truthfully, we’re best at helping premium brand industry groups scale. Our clients don’t have the same, large-size communication budget their member companies have. That means they need as much efficiency and integration as can be elegantly orchestrated. For four decades, we’ve established the credibility for the niche consulting firm that helps premium brand professional organizations grow from scrappy to substantial.

Do industry associations and certification organizations have competitors? Many think they are one-of-a-kind or claim to be the “gold standard” for whole profession or industry type. What your members and customers of professional development services and events see are confusers. They compete for the hearts and minds of the people you represent, whether or not you think that’s right.

Niche consulting is so precise and so fitted to your piece of the professional pie that you experience with The Communicators conversations that are powerful, real and different. Niche consulting pulls from your brain and the minds of your team a purpose so pure, so clear, so proprietary, so relevant that it feels like you’ve captured brand lightening in a bottle. It feels like you go into every challenge and test with the answers in your pocket.

Wishes to Action

Our clients are the most brilliant thinkers and creators in their profession. They have big ideas and imagine futures redefine how we work, build relationships, change lives and fulfill dreams. They create wealth and provide career paths for millions of people.

Abundance is a problem for our clients. They call us when they have too many ideas, more email and input from constituents than they can sort or act upon. Instead, they want to create, to discover, to explore, to pull out the stops and just let the great work begin. The other side of their brain takes over and checks spelling before they complete a paragraph. That other side says why things won’t work before doing homework or checking with the customer to see if there is another point of view.

From this turmoil we invented the Wishes to Action consulting and productivity and customer joy went through the roof.

If you have ever led or participated in a team to implement a project or program which ultimately did not produce the desired outcome or came in late or over-budget, you know very well the disappointment and discouragement that results, let alone the possible ramifications for career advancement, etc.


What happens when you combine a professional journalist with a niche consultant? If you said business storytelling mastery, you win!

Words are how we think and stories are how we link.

In order to live out the story of your profession or your credential, first you have to imagine and create the story, then develop the characters and structure it with something a bit more than beginning, middle and end.

When credentialing owners say their biggest problem is “people don’t understand the value of our certification” they send a signal they struggle to bring their story to life. They struggle to humanize their story. What is your highest intent or motivation—that thing beyond profit? What is the excitement and satisfaction your audience wants? How does your story evolve and can you re-frame the conversation? Why would anyone believe or trust your story?

Top Six Reasons For Working With Us

  • Figure out what kind of credential your market needs
  • Start up a new certification
  • Re-invigorate an aging certification
  • Build up strategic thinking muscles
  • Grow credentials enterprises by mergers
  • Grow Texas businesses with decades of industry knowledge and national networks