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Who We Are

About The Communicators

We are visionaries and pioneers. We are entrepreneurs and association executives who started the first, full-service marketing firm for associations in 1979. For a long time we were the only consultants and facilitators shaping the national agenda for certification. We created and witnessed history as organization after organization started or reinvented their professional certification or program accreditation business.

Since 1985, when the certification boom started, we have been the “go-to” guides and experts for associations and certification leaders who depend on The Communicators for:

Creativity and solutions that make a difference. We don’t settle for small improvements. We accept assignments only where the potential is great and equal to the commitment to actualize that potential.

Practical strategies and near-future results. We have no pre-packaged approaches or hazy thinking. We search, like a heat-seeking missile, for the most relevant facts and realistic opportunities. We plan, design, and implement.

Sustained results. We are coaches after the plans are shaped and collaborative efforts signal large-scale buy-in. We keep working alongside the client to turn advice into measurable results. We live with the web sites we envision and help create, for example. We excel at many other communications functions. We create momentum and keep it building. We love to win as much as our clients do.

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