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Communicators Journal

March 3, 2022

Who Are You Not to Be Brilliant?

That’s the question Janine Garner constantly asks her clients—other professionals. It’s a question that we in this community also ask of all Gifted Professionals and Communicators […]
March 3, 2022

There’s Something About Mary—The Intensity of Gifted Professionals

Who is the Everyday Genius™ among us who turned her complexities and multiple layers of professional endeavors into her own art and science of becoming?   Then […]
February 19, 2022

Is It Liberating or Daunting to Discover You are Gifted Professional?

What Happens When You Discover Your Gifted Traits Well Into a Professional Path?   As a professional who works exclusively with gifted, talented, and creative professionals, […]
February 6, 2022

Do Other Gifted Professionals and Communicators Find You as Amazing as We Do?

Who is the Everyday Genius™ among us who looked past her own complexities and fears of “not fitting in” to see the greater need for real […]
February 1, 2022

There are gifted professionals and storytellers walking among us.

What to do if you meet one or find out you are one of them.   If our network of professionals and creators of credentials have […]
September 25, 2020

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Can Cost You $500,000

Conventional Wisdom and Better Questions What would happen if you never went to another professional convention? What happens when we choose to eliminate professional conventions from […]
August 27, 2020

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Stepping Into Online Learning

Online learning experiences range from extensive, such as an entire career devoted to lifelong learning and professional development, to the beginner.  Wherever you land on the […]
August 17, 2020

New Thinking on Networking Creates Success You Want

Because there is more said than done in the name of networking, let’s try some new thinking. Let’s come at this from communication and humanity mindset, […]
August 10, 2020

You Get To Choose Your Customers

Marketing Built for Others Never Works for Certification Creators Have you noticed? The marketing advice, courses and templates created for product businesses and consumer service providers […]